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There are 32 different ethnic groups, among them:
According to Ðại Nam nhất thống chí, in 1653, Chăm King – Bà Tấm – had his troops pillage the border areas. Lord Nguyễn Phúc Tần sent the Marquis of Hùng Lộc to fight off the enemies. Hùng Lộc and his troops, in the dark night, passed over  Thạch Bi mountain and marched up to Phan Lang (Rang) River. Defeated, the Chăm King had his son present a letter to Lord Nguyễn Phúc Tần, asking for a peaceful surrender and offering the stretch of land between the Eastern side of Phan Rang River and Phú Yên. The Lord accepted the offered land, which he then named Thái Khang Estate and split it into the two counties of Thái Khang and Diên Ninh with 5 districts: Phước Diên, Hoa Châu, and Vĩnh Xương districts (of Diên Ninh County) to the South; Tân Ðịnh and Quảng Phước districts (of Thái Khang County) in the North, under Hùng Lộc’s guard.
 Natural area:  5.197 km2, Population: 1.096.617 inhabitants
Annual average temperature: 26.70C
Khanh Hoa lies on the coast of Southern Central Vietnam, with the mainland part protruding farthest into the East Sea. 
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