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Dai Lanh Beach
Location: Dai Lanh Beach is situated 80km north of Nha Trang, close to the National Highway 1.

Dai Lanh is a most beautiful natural beach with white sand lined with casurina trees. Long time ago, Dai Lanh Beach had long been ranked one of the most famous landscapes in Vietnam. King Minh Mang had Dai Lanh scenery carved on one of the Nine Urns which is standing before The Mieu yard in the ancient citadel of Hue.
Ha noi
Condition:Mostly Cloudy
Temp: 72 °F| 22 °C
Ho Chi Minh
Condition:Partly Cloudy
Temp: 81 °F| 27 °C
Bach Long Vi
Temp: 71 °F| 22 °C
Da Nang
Condition:Light Rain
Temp: 77 °F| 25 °C